WOW – NOW, for the good, for the better, for all living creatures!

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WOW – NOW, is the time to act. All signs tell their special stories. Numerous people around the world see with open eyes, hear with open ears, feels with open senses, change is on its way!

In the midst of chaos or by media presented chaos, a sparkle of hope raises and becomes the living flame. Time is here and ways are available for focusing your engagement, in any way, and participating in this process.

WOW – NOW, we can make a difference if we want. Its just to choose one or more of all the opportunities existing in the world, in your surroundings, on regional bases, or on the national level, and most important as a global community. So start communicating more and more with each other, with those tools you have possibility to use for the moment.

Co-create and feel free to express your self in connection with all that is. One and all, all and one, for the same purpose, The First Worldpeace!

WOW – NOW, you are the only person in the world who has the power to decide what to do with your life, from now on. Be free and loving, make it happen in your life, in your interactions with all people, and  the nature that surrounds you. Participate in saving the world back to what it was ment to be. A purposeful, living, loving, sharing and sustainable place for all to be.

Listed here some sites to check out if you are interested in the theme presented.

On the webb:

Groups on  Facebook:

Green Circle Alliance

1: Världsfreden

Global Harmony group

Med Ljusa Idéer

In Truth, Light and simplicity, ahritah.

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